• The Killer Combo Pack

    Get more bang for your buck with our killer combo pack. Includes one bottle of Buck Boss and one bottle of Hot Doe.

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  • Buck Boss

    Keeps big bucks competing on your turf. Local bucks join the pissing contest in order to compete for the attention of does and territory.

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  • Hot Doe

    The perfect allure to provoke bucks in the surrounding area. Scientifically formulated to mimic the doe pheromones that drive bucks wild.

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  • 100% synthetic, legal in most states

  • Designed by hunters, for hunters

  • Non-toxic, safe for both consumers and the environment

  • Sanitary- will not introduce disease to local herds- or yourself!

  • Improved shelf life compared to natural cervid extracts

  • Applications more effective and last longer than natural extracts 

  • Scientifically proven to work better than natural extracts

  • Broad appeal to both bucks and does

  • Made in the USA 

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