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Wild Instinct

Buck Boss - Full Time Buck Lure

Buck Boss - Full Time Buck Lure

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BUCK BOSS keeps big bucks competing on your turf. Our true time tested scent mimics the smell of rival bucks’ urine. Local bucks join the pissing contest in order to compete for the attention of does and territory. Best used all year long to keep bucks on your turf.

BUCK BOSS utilizes Wild Instinct’s Bag-On-Valve spray technology which allows every last drop to be sprayed. The spray top has a twist locking mechanism to ensure no leaking and miss sprays. Short bursts can be deployed or long hold presses for fogging action.


  • 100% Synthetic - Legal in all 50 states.
  • Long Lasting Deer Attractant - Less time spent on scrape upkeep.
  • Bag-On-Valve Atomization - Guarantees propellent never touches the good stuff, and never even leaves the bottle for 0% chance of scent contamination. 
  • 5.0 ounce / pocket sized with locking cap - For quick-draw easy access without digging through gear.
  • Recyclable Can - Leave no trace
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