Once You Go Synthetic, You Never Go Back

Our Mission

To inspire a love and respect for the great outdoors through conservation-minded products designed to enhance your outdoors experience.

Who Are We?

For over 30 years our Wild Instinct deer attractant formulas have been a trusted companion in the pursuit of trophy deer. Our pioneering development of groundbreaking, fully synthetic formulas was borne of a need for effective, long-lasting, sanitary products that protect herd health. Years of research and development in the heartland of America by our own mad scientist, a disabled Vietnam veteran with a golden nose, led to formulas that mimic the trespassing bucks or estrous does that drive resident mature bucks wild. Our shelf-stable, water-reactive synthetic formulas have proven more effective and longer lasting than genuine deer urine in raw power of attraction. Give Wild Instinct whitetail lures a shot.

Simply shake, spray, and SCORE!