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Wild Instinct

Killer Combo Pack

Killer Combo Pack

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Get more bang for your buck with our killer combo pack. Includes one bottle of Buck Boss and one bottle of Hot Doe. Free shipping on all orders of our Killer Combo.

Buck Boss - Full Time Buck Lure
Buck Boss keeps big bucks competing on your turf. Our true time tested scent mimics the smell of rival bucks’ urine. Local bucks join the pissing contest in order to compete for the attention of does and territory. Best used all year long to keep bucks on your turf.

Hot Doe - Doe In Estrus
Hot Doe is the perfect allure to provoke bucks in the surrounding area. Our powerful, proven attractant is scientifically formulated to mimic the doe pheromones that drive bucks wild. Best used during the chasing phase, just before the rut, through and post-rut season.


  • Guaranteed Results
  • 100% Synthetic Deer Attractant
  • Long Lasting Scent
  • Bag On Valve - Continuous Spray Technology
  • 5.0 ounce
  • Recyclable Can


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