Why Scents are Hunting Essentials

Why Scents are Hunting Essentials

Whitetail deer rely on their instincts to ensure survival using their five main senses. Of these five senses, whitetail rely most on their sense of smell, even above sight and sound. When hunting, attractants help to lure bucks to a specific location by mimicking the scent of another deer. Deer scents, such as urine or estrus, arouse a buck’s curiosity as they pass through an area, which draws their attention to the location where the scents are applied. Scent locations serve more purpose than getting a deer to walk past and stop – they elicit strong emotions of aggression or desire; bucks can’t help but to follow through and investigate the source.


A quality whitetail buck lure, like Buck Boss, used in conjunction with scrapes in high-traffic areas is a winning strategy leading up to the rut. Around this time, bucks tend to be more territorial and aggressive, which means they’ll be more likely to seek out competition. The scent of an intruder in their space can draw them near in effort to locate an interloper. Bucks are also attracted to doe estrus when the rut comes around through the same instinctive mechanism. Scents like Hot Doe are great for this part of the season, mimicking the estrus secretions from a doe in heat.


Wild Instinct’s formulas come in an easy-to-use, spill-proof cannister and sprays like a mist or fogger. The main advantage of this type of product is that it has a better distribution ratio than liquid attractants, giving off more scent quickly after use. When sprayed, they also attach to surrounding vegetation and travel through the air to attract bucks from a greater distance than that of a liquid or gel attractant. With our formulas, hunters are able to cover an area more effectively in a shorter period of time, giving plenty of time to walk to a nearby stand.


Deer scents are a hunting must-have for the season to ensure whitetail traffic in any given area. Wild Instinct formulas are not only 100% effective, but 100% synthetic and nontoxic, ensuring safety for your family and your local herd. If you want to make this your best season yet, make sure to bring your Wild Instinct into the woods with you this hunting season.

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